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Über das IFEN

About us


NFB kleinWho are we?

  • The Institute for EEG Neurofeedback – IFEN for short – was founded in 2008 by Thomas F. Feiner. IFEN specializes in the education and training of neurofeedback professionals.
  • Thomas F. Feiner, founder and director of IFEN, is a BCIA-certified neurofeedback expert with over 25 years of experience. He has gained reputation through years of work with well-known neuroscientists and therapists, learning disorders, developing his own programs and his test software CAPITO. This tool was developed to measure cognitive performance and event-related potentials for research and therapy of disorders of the central nervous system.
  • The IFEN has a large network of neurofeedback users who help and support each other.
  • In addition to its core offer, IFEN works regularly with international experts and organizes workshops in various locations around the world.
  • Good to know: In our training courses, we only use approved medical devices that comply with EU regulations. We also use state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology.


Why choose IFEN?

Without a doubt, neurofeedback is one of the most innovative treatments, backed by countless positive testimonials and studies. We are convinced that the Neurofeedback certificate will be an important part in the portfolio of many occupational groups in the future: occupational therapists, alternative practitioners, neurologists, psychotherapists and many more.

Because we want to give as many people as possible access to high-quality neurofeedback training, we have focused on adapting our training concept to the needs of our customers. We call this important step the "IFEN concept" after Thomas F. Feiner.


The „IFEN-Concept“

Our training concept relies on tried and tested training methods based on normal-value databases supplemented by biofeedback. Every client is unique - we know how important an individualized and holistic treatment is for the therapy.

The IFEN offers numerous unique advantages for ist trainees and therapists:

  • Always up to date – Science is our top priority. We base the contents of our courses exclusively on current, well-founded research and studies as well as on years of experience. We also work closely with international universities.
  • Always hands-on – Practice is one of our most important cornerstones. We award the certificate only to those who gain enough experience through our practicum and supervision with a personal mentor.
  • Working with people – Our instructors are not just technicians, but also therapists and physicians who care about the well-being and health of people.
  • Reliable support – Our experienced neurofeedback experts are available almost 24 hours a day, online and via phone.
  • Inclusive community – No one is alone in the IFEN family. Our friendly community welcomes everyone who needs help and seeks advice.
  • Versatile offer – There is something for everyone in our wide range of training opportunities. In our workshops, we are supported by international experts. Quantitative EEG is one of our most important topics.

About Thomas F. Feiner

Thomas Feiner klein

Thomas Feiner is the founder and owner of the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback (IFEN) since 2008. He has more than 25 years of experience in the treatment of ADHD, stress, depression, addiction, and burnout. As a neurofeedback therapist, he combines techniques such as tDCS, photobiomodulation, and NLP.

Besides, he has successfully supervised numerous athletes, executives, and artists, developed training programs for children with learning disabilities, and organized many international workshops with well-known greats in neuroscience, including Prof. Chiarenza and Dr. Thomas F. Collura.
The IFEN concept he developed has turned numerous therapists and trainers into successful neurofeedback users in Germany and Europe.

Thomas Feiner is also extremely active in brain research: His research fields are peak performance, meditation, Evoked Related Potentials, and accelerated learning. In his Institute for EEG Neurofeedback, he also supports neuroscientific studies and develops advanced neurofeedback protocols with his professional team of neurologists, neuropsychologists, and IT experts specializing in neuroscience. Thomas Feiner is also the author and co-author of several scientific publications and speaker at international conferences and congresses. He is known for his captivating style, with which he inspires his audience for neurofeedback, EEG brain imaging, and medical advancements.

Thomas Feiner is also the developer and initiator of the CAPITO test software. CAPITO stands for Cognitive And Psychophysiological Test Operations and is specially tailored to the needs of trainers and therapists who help analyze cognitive performance and basic emotional state.

Since 2016, he has been working with his brain mapping team on a large-scale study exploring the human brain during various meditation practices.

Alina FeinerAbout Alina Feiner

Alina Feiner has more than ten years of international experience as a manager in large and small companies, focusing on quality and change management. She is a business economist with a Master's degree in International Relations and Intercultural Strategies. She studied Business Administration at the University of Al.I.Cuza and at the University of Rostock. Her most recent degree is an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology. Alina Feiner is a certified internal auditor for quality management audit and ensures continuous optimization of existing processes and better customer retention.

At the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback, she develops new educational concepts and applies her experience to drive research and innovation.

Alina Feiner leads an international project to develop innovative solutions for the rehabilitation of stroke patients using NIR-PBM and speech therapy based on neuroscientific findings.

In addition to her professional activities, she has profound, long-term knowledge and experience as a talent coach. She helps to discover and develop talents in employees, colleagues, and friends. She is fluent in English, German, Russian and Romanian. In her free time, she enjoys learning to play the piano and programming.

Maria DonaireAbout Maria Donaire

Maria comes from Spain. She studied psychology at the University of the Balearic Islands. Fascinated by neuroscience and marketing, she decided to specialize in neuromarketing and consumer psychology to understand the brain structures that influence buying behavior. In her master's thesis, she focused on studying the emotional variables that influence the performance of employees and customers of a hotel chain, as well as the elements needed to improve the functioning of the website. Afterwards, Maria packed her bags and started working at the EEG Neurofeedback Institute in Munich and was able to put her knowledge into practice in a country that was completely new to her. She is currently continuing her education in digital marketing and is responsible for administration, customer support and creation of marketing campaigns at IFEN.

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