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IFEN Information Brochure and new Curricula 

IFEN Information Brochure incl. Curriculum DEUTSCH/GERMAN - Version 1. September 2019

QEEG Seminar IFEN Jan 2012

IFEN Information Brochure incl. Curriculum ENGLISH - Version 1. September 2019

Z-Werte-Training - Präsentation



CURRICULUM -  QEEG (german + english)

Z-Werte-Training - Präsentation



Neurofeedback Info Material (german and/or english) 

QEEG Seminar IFEN Jan 2012 (294 KB)

QEEG Seminar IFEN Jan 2012

Z-Score-Training - Presentation (2.19 MB)

Z-Werte-Training - Präsentation

Additional Info: What is QEEG by Kaiser (573 KB)

Zusatzinfo: What is QEEG by Kaiser

Free Neurofeedback-Reader of IFEN for presentations or print. Please do not change or modify the text.

Neurofeedback Reader 2012

Article by Thomas Feiner in the DVE magazine (Deutscher Verband der Ergotherapeuten)

Artikel von Thomas Feiner in der Fachzeitschrift des DVE

Neurofeedback and Autism

Neurofeedback bei Autismus

BCIA Neurofeedback Certification Information Brochure

Neurofeedback bei Autismus

Sooma tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) Information Brochure

Neurofeedback bei Autismus



Senso-X7 - training and test for central auditory hearing processing.

Senso-X7 is often used e.g. in LRS, speech disorders, aphasia, autism, deafness.

Here it is: The new compatible Windows7 version of the classic Senso-X.

Order threshold test and order threshold training included.

Free 7-day full version of Senso-X!

more information on: www.neurofeedback-partner.de


Download CAPITO

CAPITO - Tool for evaluation and research

Cognitive And Psychophysiological Test Operations

Free 30-Day Trial Version of CAPITO
System requirement: all Windows systems from Win7 on, all Win8 versions

more Infos and DOWNLOAD

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